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Kosciuszko Park Community Forum Report

September 10, 2019

Last Spring, the city announced $1.8M in improvements coming to Kosciuszko Park. The Kosciuszko Park Advisory Council (KPAC) hosted a Community Forum in September to hear from park users and neighbors. 130+ people participated, and each had the opportunity to join up to three break-out sessions to discuss projects that were already in the works or ones they would like to see happen.

Here are summaries of the five break-out session topics.

Detailed notes from each break-out section follow this introduction.

The KPAC shared notes from the Community Forum with the Park District as they developed plans. The latest conceptual plan the Park District provided can be seen here: We were told that construction will begin this spring.

New Ideas Breakout Sessions

Facilitated (and Interpretation) by Ana Avila

Wall posters were available for attendees to write their ideas for improvements to the park. Attendees were encouraged to mark those suggestions that they liked (see the counts in parentheses below) The most popular suggestions were a fitness center (indoor or outdoor), improvements to the playground and splash pad, improvements to the locker rooms and showers, improvements to traffic safety, and art classes, as shown below.

Outdoor facilities:

Indoor facilities:


Area safety:


Nature Play Breakout Sessions

Facilitated by Melanie Hoekstra

Largely, everyone who attended the nature play discussion was in favor of the idea. Many said it was a great idea, it would bring the community together, and would inspire children to learn more about the natural world. A few even framed it as the right of children to have access to natural areas, and many noted that in harkened back to play they deeply enjoyed as children. Folks also noted that it would give children the opportunity to explore the natural work, be creative, and gain confidence from climbing and playing with natural materials.

Specific suggestions included:

The concerns folks had were:

Garden Breakout Sessions

Facilitated by Jacqui Ulrich

The group talked about history of the two raised beds near the northwest corner of the pool building – Kraft great kids/harvest garden program run by Chicago Park District staff. We understand them to still be in use, but they don't seem to be planted.

Need help
Preparing beds

But once established not much maintenance
Natives are perennials that don't need a lot of tending once established
Can collect seeds or divide for other gardens (gardeners)
Can use as education for Park Kids, Day Camps, Pre-school, schools using gym

I like this idea because…

I have these concerns…

I want to…

Plant list:

There were many advocates for the trees to be replaced. We lost 27, which were cut down. We want:

Dog Friendly Area Breakout Sessions

Facilitated by Geary Yonker, Interpretation by Martina Piñeiros

I like this idea because…

I have these concerns…

I want to…

Basketball Court Breakout Sessions

Facilitated by Gladys Diaz and Arielle Maldonado, Interpretation by Perfecto Diaz; Notes compiled by Arielle Maldonado

The first session started with tension that quickly escalated. People concerned with violence arguing with people who were advocating for the right of youth to have access to outdoor hoops. The use of a marker as a talking piece worked well to help us move the discussion towards a more respectable and productive session.

Below are Ideas mentioned in order by popularity. I kept count by show of hands at end of every session.

1. B-Ball Court and Parking Lot Trading Spaces (17)

Updating the inside courts - is there enough money in the budget to have both? (10)

Decorative Fountain (5)

Fitness Area (3)

Volleyball Court (3)

Leaving court as it is for open use space - for ex. Sale of Christmas Trees (1)

Installing rims where courts are now (1)

Overall concerns and dislikes:


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